Green Tips

Every week in the newsletter, I send out a Green Tip! Here is a full collection of the eco-friendly advice:

Green Tip #1: Closing blinds & shades adds an extra layer of insulation which saves energy used for cooling and heating.
Green Tip #2: Need another reason to take the stairs? According to Otis, taking the elevator 2 floors takes as much energy as a full charge of a cell phone battery.
Green Tip #3: Stay Green at work. Just because you’re not footing the bill doesn’t mean you shouldn’t conserve water & power. Put your computer in sleep mode in the evening & shut it down for the weekend.
Green Tip #4: Environmentalism is another reason to borrow, rent & donate. Even for a DIY project, tools can normally be rented from local craft & hardware stores!
Green Tip #5: Cigarette Butts are the most littered item in the world. Learn how they & other unique items can be recycled at