Coastal Cleanup Guide | What to Bring

A list of items to bring to coastal cleanups to help you protect yourself and make the biggest impact:

  1. Sunscreen – protect yourself from the sun. Even on cloudy days, the reflection off the water can add to sunburn.
  2. Reusable Water bottle – Stay hydrated. Plus, the absolute last thing you want to do is bring a single use plastic water bottle to a clean up.
  3. Work Gloves – the cleanup organizer might have work gloves for you but they also might run out of there are too many volunteers. Help them and yourself by having your own.
  4. Hat – keep the sun off your face
  5. Camera (or Camera phone) – you should take pictures of what you find! This will help share the message.
  6. Compostable Trash Bags – again, just in case the organizer runs out!
  7. A friend – an extra set of hands doubles the impact.